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MBBS Study Abroad

1. Why Do Students Study MBBS Abroad?

It is a known fact that medical education in government colleges in India is much cheaper in comparison to foreign countries. However, the opportunities provided in international universities are much more advanced and updated. They thrive on innovation and technological advancement so the students willing to pursue education/ courses can get the best of the facilities.

However, when it comes to a course in the field of Medicine, it is important to list all the pros and cons of a country’s university, facilities and opportunities. Since the opportunity in India is limited, the availability of seats in private institutes are less in comparison to foreign countries. With a high demand for Medical Universities, foreign institutes have made it affordable for students, so that students do not hesitate in following their dreams.

2. What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in abroad?

  • Addressing the needs of the students, universities abroad have designed courses at affordable budgets.
  • In case a student wants to pursue a medical degree the minimum amount of investment required starts with low budget universities but don’t forget to check success rate & PG opportunities. If student complete their MD from Caribbean medical schools, they get opportunity to complete their PG in USA with stipend and no fees for PG.
  • The harsh truth of getting into the field of Medicine in India is that many students end up giving a hefty amount of fees to the private institutes but struggle to find required facilities.
  • However, that is not the case in foreign countries. They have zero tolerance and selection of candidates is done purely on merit basis.
  • The advantage of opting for a medical degree in abroad is that the candidate does not have to appear for any entrance test before applying. Only a score of minimum 50% is expected in their 12th(PCB Group).
  • Candidates should know that countries like Caribbean etc. offering the medical education have an exceptionally low cost of fees and living as compared to the USA/ UK and provide US curriculum at affordable cost. They also have high success rate in USMLE and students can practice in the US/UK/ Canada also in India as a physician.
  • Foreign universities do not compromise technological advancement. Their aim has always been on providing students with the best equipment available in the field of medicine.
  • MBBS (MD) study abroad will provide you with an opportunity to intern at the topmost hospitals of the country. Through this they gain exposure to different countries' development in the medical field.
  • Universities to study MBBS abroadprovide guaranteed hostel accommodation, so that the candidate feels welcomed in the country and experience a hassle-free stay through the course.

3. What is cost of Studying Abroad?

As there is a high demand from Indian students for a degree in the field of Medicine, universities make sure that the cost structure is designed in such a way that it does not hurt their pockets.

Fee structure of countries like Russia, China, Georgia and Philippine vary between Rs.25 to Rs.40 lacs. If the candidate wishes to opt for countries like USA/ UK the fee structure is a bit higher, varying between 100 lacs to 150 lacs. And Caribbean medical schools having hospitals in USA cost about Rs. 35 lacs to 45 lacs for entire 4.5 years studies including clinical rotations in US hospitals.

Furthermore Russia, China, Philippine, Georgia do not provide options for further education (post graduations) in the field of medicine and the success rate of FMGE is also very low. Whereas Caribbean medical schools provide options for Residency in the USA along with practicing in the USA and other multiple countries. Also, the success rate of USMLE is much higher as compared to FMGE.

4. What are Career Opportunities after MBBS in Abroad?

The medical field is said to be vast and has abundant career opportunities for students. They believe in providing world-class education with technological advancement. All they need to do first is undergo a screening test and upon clearing the same, candidates are free to choose whether to practice in India (after completing a one-year internship in India). Here students and parents need to think about career and PG in abroad because if student is willing to pursue residency in US hospitals then students those pass from Caribbean medical schools will get opportunity for matching program whereas the students who completed MBBS(MD) from India or other countries need to complete their clinical rotations from US teaching hospitals (which cost about $100,000) and spend at least 18 months for it. Many students that opt to start their clinics, can also work as a Medical Officer in any of the country’s government projects simultaneously. Lastly, if they want to share their knowledge and experiences, candidates can work as medical professors in various universities.

5.What is the Duration of the MBBS Course?

MBBS courses across the world are almost similar and hence to get a doctorate certificate candidate must complete the course with a minimum duration of 4.5 to 6 years, divided into clinical and non – clinical.

6. What are Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Abroad?

  • A student must be of 17+ years of age to opt for a medical degree abroad.
  • Mandatory completion of 12th exam certification should be provided.
  • An aggregate of 50% should be achieved in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as mandatory subjects in the general category and 40-45% for other reserved categories.
  • To study MBBS abroad, an entrance exam (NEET) needs to be given before applying for medical universities abroad if a student is willing to practice in India after completing his bachelor’s degree in medicine. If a student completes PG (Residency) from US/UK then they can practice back in India without any screening test and are also eligible to work as physician in US ,UK, Canada, Holland etc.

7.Important Factors to Be Taken into Consideration are……

  • It is advisable to be well versed in the language of the country that you chose to further your study in. ( If language is not English / Majority of people don’t speak English)
  • Have a clear knowledge about the country’s weather, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Whether or not the university is having its own hospital. Because having a tie-up with a hospital is different from having their own hospital.
  • Before selecting any country, it is necessary to define your budget and requirements list down the universities of the countries that fit your budget as well as your objectives.
  • Attend counselling sessions from a MBBS abroad consultant. Indian students opting for a degree abroad should also know whether or not/ to what extent the locals accept conversation in English.
  • Check with the university whether it will provide PG programs and what other options are available for further studies and expenses for further specialized studies.

Students going abroad to pursue a degree in Medicine need to know that the course is successful only when the candidate get success in Foreign Medical Graduate Exam. Only then they are eligible to practice medicine in India, except if they complete their Residency from US or Masters degree from UK.

Research about the institute and the country which the candidate chooses to go in. As a huge amount as well as time is invested in the process, therefore it is always advisable to be careful before taking any decision.

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