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Message By Our CEO

Studying abroad not only equips you with latest upcoming skills and knowledge to follow the career path of goal in your life but also gives you valuable experience to understand and interact with other cultures which minimize distances and makes you think above humanity. All educational needs at national and international level cannot be fulfilled due to limited seats available in different national universities and colleges.

We started Interedwise Education Group. Ltd. to play our role to produce highly qualified and highly professionals having clear vision who can lead this nation and create bright future. Interedwise always offer unlimited opportunities to study abroad by giving worldwide choices of Universities and colleges as per your requirements and needs at international level. Universities and colleges we deal with are reputed and accredited by local accrediting bodies as per government requirements. Our counselors and other staff keep them updated through required training, regular readings of newsletters and always in touch with concerned authorised bodies.

Our staff fulfils all requirements related to qualifications, experience and professionalism. They know their job responsibilities and practice under strong code of ethics developed by Interedwise Team. After your visit you will realise that you can get solutions for all your needs under one roof which is Interedwise Education Pvt. Ltd. Our staff understands your needs and they will provide you proper guidance as well as fastest right track to overcome all your problems and put you on right track to process your application as per your needs. Our history is the evidence of our professional approach and care we take for our students which you can also find in testimonials given by our students. I invite you to contact any of our staff or Counselor and discuss your needs to get proper guidance, to achieve your goal. We always believe in trustworthy relations with our students and their parents. Let us give a chance to create educated visionary for tremendous development of our Country.

Kaamendra Dahat